Give your relationship love this Valentine’s Day!

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Want to dazzle your significant other for Valentine’s this year? Venture into the scenic Oregon Gorge and gift your relationship a fun, casual weekend exploring how to Love, Honor & Negotiate. Isn’t that what Valentine’s is all about anyway – celebrating your relationship with one another?

Couples workshop is a a non-therapeutic, relaxing weekend with Michael Grinder, trainer and internationally known communications expert. He brings his innovative, solution-driven group dynamics work into the group that matters the most – your personal relationship.

Sign up TODAY to be proactive and gift your relationship a romantic weekend!

For more information see: Deepen Understanding & Improve Communication — Couples Weekend

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  1. Love is a huge thing, in fact just a day not enough for love. I someone asked me to explain love, I will take a lifetime for it. However, in a short time, you write about giving love, it’s very lovely. I really like it.

    1. Post

      Thank you for your comment! Being able to get a glimpse into what love is and how we can better love each other is such a beautiful thing. So glad Michael was able to shed some light on such a topic for you!
      Best wishes, Alicia

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