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To learn how you can develop your employees’ influence skills on your own workplace with Michael Grinder & Associates Advantage/Benefits of long-term, competency-based training

Develop dependable new habits
You get the best results in the "real world" through new habits of behavior, not just by intellectual understanding. Peer coaching, according to research, the number one way to help people get in the habit of consistently using their new skills is peer-coaching.

Practice in safety
Cognitive trainings may be interesting, but most people need to practice new skills in a safe environment. Practice makes perfect. All to often we attend trainings and get all-fired-up, but then we get back to the workplace and nothing… Let our experienced coaches develop a implememntation strategy and walk you through the changes.

With MGA training, you can expect improvements in these areas:

  • Giving Bad News and Not Get Shot
  • Presentation skills, such as dealing with attacks
  • Working with difficult people
  • Increasing your credibility in meetings
  • Understanding and surviving office politics
  • Team building
  • Customer service
  • Collaborative management

We are even experienced in Job-Shadowing. That’s where one of our coaches follows you or an employee around coaching them on the rapport, communication and non-verbal skills of Influence.

Tips for interested companies:

Time frame. Think big picture, long term. If your organization and Michael decide to work together, a minimum of two years is recommended. Each participant will be required to do a weekly competency sheet that is shared with other cadre members.

Retreats. Arrange for a retreat-type experience for initiation of the program. Minimize distractions. In addition, make it a way to convey appreciation to attendees and contribution to their career success.

Practice opportunities. Provide resources for independent review and practice of the skills Intranet

Job Shadowing


Practice buddies

Distance learning opportunities. Using video and worksheets our coaches can provide quality feedback no matter the location.

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