[VIDEO] What is Group Wizardry like?

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People attend Group Wizardry year after year to practice their non-verbal communication skills under Michael Grinder’s supervision & guidance. Unless you’ve attended Group Wizardry before, you don’t really know what to expect. In the video above you’ll see what attending Group Wizardry looks like. If you haven’t already, press play in the video above.

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What is Group Wizardry?

Group Wizardry covers 3 main categories under the umbrella of non-verbal communication:

Group Dynamics

It is never your group. It is the group’s group.

  • Build rapport between you and the group, within the group.
  • Learn how group size, length of time together, and participants’ familiarity with each other influence group dynamics.
  • Recognize and utilize leaders and barometers in a group.
  • Pace and lead resistance.
  • Read a group; deal with power issues.

Charismatic Leadership

Success still comes down to relationships…create the
relationships you want.

  • Identify and incorporate traits of charismatic leaders.
  • Understand and accept yourself and others.
  • Improve your leadership skills and manage difficult personalities.
  • Interpret your and others’ behaviors more accurately.
  • Increase your competence by reducing bad surprises.
  • Use the “cats and dogs” model to better understand people

Presentation Skills

Increase your congruency. Includes:

  • Systematic use of non-verbals.
  • In-house vs. public meeting skills.
  • How to get an “agreement frame,” increasing relevance.
  • Understanding the interplay of content, process, and permission.
  • Recognizing and increasing receptivity.
  • How not to get shot. Handling attacks.

To learn more:

Visit our Group Wizardry page:
learn about Group Wizardry

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