Perception Camp

with Michael Grinder

Perception Camp

with Michael Grinder

The Course

Do you have a need for a far deeper understanding of human interaction in a variety of situations?

Do you coach, train, facilitate or lead large and small groups that need to be functional in order to be highly productive?

If you answered yes to these questions, then the skills you need to develop to a high

level are your perception and thinking skills which enable you to recognize behaviors and beliefs which impact the quality of human interactions.

Dates: June 28th–July 2nd, 2020 Hours: Sunday–Thursday: 9am-4:30pm
Location: Comfort Suites, 12010 NE Airport Way in Portland, OR 97220 Price: $1495 Discounts available. Order options below.

With this course, Michael is offering his blueprint of perception, his step-by-step way to get precise with the subtlety and the precision of human perception.

See the world and understand people in the same way that Michael does, using the same skills he uses every day to teach leaders around the world.

Perception Camp is quite different from anything that Michael has done before. He will train you in his simple Process of Perception.

You will learn to identify what you see into three categories, each with a different purpose/outcome:


An individual

Purpose: To learn what likely are the person’s values, attitudes, beliefs, and styles.

Two people interact

Purpose: To learn who is likely to dominate. Origin of the Cats and Dogs metaphor.

A group interacts

Purpose: To learn what is likely to happen and influence the desired outcome.

Sneak Peek

Take a look at the clip below to get a sneak peek of what Perception Camp looks like!


June 28th-July 2nd, 2020


  • Workshop price: $1,495
  • Early bird (until May 28th) discount: $200 off
  • $100 discount for attending both Group Wizardry and Perception Camp in the same year (NOTE: Enter coupon code both100 at checkout to get this discount).
  • Special note about COVID-19: We have been monitoring the news about how the Coronavirus is impacting the industry. If anyone registers and later decides not to attend because of COVID-19, we can refund your registration (minus $100 to cover credit card fees) or apply your full tuition to next year’s training.


Sunday–Thursday: 9:00am-4:30pm


  • Address: Comfort Suites
    12010 NE Airport Way
    Portland, OR 97220
  • Phone: (800) 216-5927 or (503) 261-9000
  • Email:
  • Mention Perception Camp attendance to receive a lodging discount of $145 per night (not including taxes) at Comfort Suites.

    Prerequisites & Pre-Learning

    Perception Camp is Michael Grinder’s most advanced program. The more you prepare for it, the more advanced your learning will be. Graduates of Michael Grinder Group Wizardry programs are automatically approved to attend. Others are welcome, and to ensure they are ready to operate on this advanced level need to study the quizzes.

    The following quizzes are designed to be studied and taken in sequential order:

    1. House of Communication Study Guide & Quiz
    2. Pentimento and How Not to Get Shot Study Guide & Quiz
    3. Charisma Study Guide & Quiz

    First review the study guide, then take the quiz at the end and compare your answers to see how you did. While this does not need to be submitted, we do require a good familiarity with these concepts before you attend to maximize your learning.

    If you'd like to take a peek at the manual and get more information about what the course will be like, be sure to also check out the first 8 pages of the Perception Camp manual.

    Course Details

    • The Goal

      If you are a coach, trainer, facilitator or leader then understanding non-verbals is the single most important asset for your bottom line. Imagine being far more perceptive about individuals and group effectiveness then using this knowledge to assist people to make better decisions.

    • The Method

      • This is a 5 day course
      • You are encouraged to bring 2-3 clips of 3 minutes each of people and situations you would like to have a better perception of: individuals, pairs, and a group setting. There can be several people on the footage and you can choose to focus on just one or two people in the scene(s). The footage can be from movies, TV, YouTube, etc. Make sure the footage is accessible and can be connected easily so we can watch the footage on a screen.
    • The Results

      • Learn how to recognize behavior and the beliefs behind those behaviors.
      • Predict who is likely to dominate when two people are interacting.
      • Know ahead of time what is likely to happen in a group setting.
      • Get instant feedback and coaching from world expert Michael Grinder.
      • Develop the refinements of timing and permission that are critical to taking your work in non-verbal communication to the expert level.
      • Bond, learn from and network closely with the other like-minded attendees.
      • Michael will do a demonstration of the ultimate in executive coaching.
      • You will have an understanding of where Profiling fits in your professional development.

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