Couples Workshop

To Love, To Honor, & To Negotiate

Workshop Introduction

We don’t live in a Hollywood movie, we know how frustrating miscommunicating with your partner can be – especially revisiting familiar fights. Even seasoned couples experience these types of situations. You care about your relationship and want to make sure you know how to have a loving one.

What do you do? You need practical solutions on how to communicate and hear each other.

This is a non-therapeutic weekend –
come with a desire to laugh, learn and love.

Michael Grinder, personally trained by the well-known expert in communication Carl Rogers, has forty years of experience training and coaching thousands of groups. He has also been married to the love of his life, Gail, for forty-two amazing years.

“The greatest of all arts is the art of living together.”
William Phelps


Having such extensive experience has given Michael insight into the ways in which couples can solve these problems that arise.

This non-therapeutic weekend getaway that Michael has created will equip couples with the knowledge of how to better love, honor and negotiate amidst your relationship.

Couples weekend, located at the Mt. Hood

Oregon Resort on Valentine’s weekend, offers practical tools that deepen understanding by improving communication.

If you’re like most of our customers, life can be overwhelmingly hectic and busy. So where does this weekend getaway fit in?

We have you covered.

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Commit to a special Valentine’s weekend this year, do yourself (and your partner) a favor and sign up for “To Love, To Honor & To Negotiate.”

With this workshop, you’ll receive tools that will transform your relationship and help guide you when miscommunication occurs. You’ll have the knowledge to work through these issues and communicate effectively.



Valentine's weekend, February 14–16, 2020.


  • $375 (price covers attendance only)
  • Early bird (November 14) discount:
    Get $75 off



  • Friday: Arrive by 5:30pm for registration and an evening session.
  • Saturday: Two 3-hour sessions with built-in time throughout the day to spend with your significant other.
  • Sunday: The final session finishes at noon so that you can enjoy the rest of your day with your partner.
  • Mt. Hood Oregon Resort in Welches Oregon, approximately one hour from the Portland International Airport.
  • Address: 68010 East Fairway Avenue
    Welches, Oregon 97067
  • Phone: (503) 622-3101
  • Email:
Note: Rooms are held at a discounted group rate of $125 plus tax per night plus a $20 resort fee available until January 17th, 2020. Reservations made after this date will be booked based on availability at the best available rate. Please have your credit card ready when making reservations.

Guest check in is 4:00pm and check out is 11:00am.

To reserve your room call (503) 622-3101 and reference the group name Michael Grinder & Associates to receive the discount. For special room requests, please email

Come to this workshop if you:

  • Want to gain and improve communication skills that will help reduce and manage stress
  • Want to clarify your value structures and establish priorities as a couple
  • Have been together 1 day or 100 years
  • Want to give your relationship love by discovering and appreciating your similarities and differences
  • Are searching for a unique and meaningful together experience
  • Want to spend a wonderful time together at a fun and relaxing weekend getaway
  • Would be eager to explore these topics:
    • Cats & Dogs
    • John Gottman’s Principles
    • Love letter writing
    • The Language of Love

  • “I feel more vulnerable about doing this seminar than any other. As much as I cherish my relationship with Gail, I am humbled by the thought that our relationship is not mine or hers but ours. In a relationship, while defying all laws of math, the whole is greater than the sum of all the individual parts.”
    –Michael Grinder

    Finally, what can you expect?

    Couples attend as a unit, and all activities/suggestions are intended to be optional. Each couple (as a unit) decide their level of participation and learning. Both members have to okay the activity for each member to participate.

    This is a fun weekend, loaded with tools you can take home and immediately use. Give your partner a romantic, unique, and “together” experience.

    No values or judgments from the presenter or the format are intended.

    Workshop Testimonials

    Curious what others have said about this workshop? Take a look at what our past participants are saying:

    • “The Couple’s Workshop gave us invaluable tools and insights to work with the issues and challenges that inevitably arise in relationships. We also learned how to love and appreciate each other in new and deeper ways.”

      –Larry Dillenbeck

    • “Thank you for a clear, insightful, and personal experience. Your care and craftsmanship comes through in all you do. Thanks again. In the seminar I experienced the value of Negotiating to Live my Values instead of settling or compromising just to meet my basic needs.”

      –Bob Warden

    • “You are easy to appreciate and love! Its always wonderful to be with people walking the path of the heart and illuminating the way for others! With enormous gratitude!”

      –Michelle Alm

    • “Great weekend! I am excited about taking our relationship forward! We have been married almost 15 years and have regressed into being “roommates” – I look forward to being “friends” again and getting the passion back! We have tools now and I’m excited to work with them. Looking forward to reading the Gottham book together!”

      –Brent Alm

    • “So useful in helping us to learn to negotiate well. We have a good relationship and it will be even better with these skills.”

      –Rachael Harms

    • “Thank you so much for doing this. It was nice to review the chairs from the last time you offered this retreat. We needed the reminders as well as all the new things you have added since last time (so long ago!). Kirt & I have weathered so many storms in our 11+ years of marriage. Some of our success can be credited to all you have taught me over the years. I treasure our relationship. Thanks for being there for us!”

      –Paula Woodruff

    • “I gained a lot, but as I’m not well versed in Grinder teachings or experience, a certain amount went over my head. But as I’m a cat and way ADHD, this is a major compliment. I saw a lot that applied to me and my relationship with my lovely wife.”

      –Kirt Woodruff

    • “Great tools to keep our marriage going strong. Helps us think about how we support each other’s values without compromising our own core values. Thank you!”

      –Brad Williams

    • “This was a very supportive weekend both personally and as a couple for me. I would like to do this in more depth. It helped me identify who the friends of our relationship are and how to look under the rug.”

      –Rosemary Beam

    • “Loved the approach and easy knowledgeable style of the weekend. This is remarkably helpful in terms of giving us new frames and processes to work together and further understand and appreciate where both he (and I) come from on a whole range of very important issues. Many thanks.”

      –Jan Carothers