Presentation Skills YouTube Videos

Below is a list of the videos which pertain to Presentation Skills. The videos are in order starting with the most recent upload.

  • Karen Douhard- Decontamination & Assigning Attributes (2015)
    • When negative things are said while looking and gesturing to an audience – negative attributions are assigned. Karen demonstrates how to keep the audience safe and preserve a positive relationship with them.Karen Drouhard
      K-12 Educator, Mentor, Professional Development
  • Michael Grinder’s message to BPA Executives Nov. 4, 2015 (Advertisement)
    • Michael Grinder’s message to BPA Executives regarding this year’s cohort. “They are using the ‘team’ approach to take their presenting on the next level. Please come with curiosity.”
  • Presentation Skills – Launching your career; 28 March, 2015
    • Sam Cawthorn’s Institute of Professional Speakers is launching their graduates. Michael Grinder is the “stage whisperer” assisting Sam in coaching the graduates. Michael will individualize feedback for each speaker. The emphasis is on non-verbal communication.
  • Dealing with Cats Standing (2010)
    • “Cats” is a term borrowed from Michael’s analogy of household pets to describe “independent people”. In this scene, Michael demonstrates how to deliver an ultimatum to a sales force. This footage is very similar to “Dealing with Cats Seated”.
  • Michael Grinder Analyzes David Cameron’s Non-verbals (2011)
    • This is a 4-minute clip that is viewed three different times. The second time is the analysis by Michael of David’s non-verbals and their statistical effect on people.
  • High Expectations (2009)
    • How we position our forearms when not talking communicates volumes about our expectations of ourselves and others. There are three recommended positions.
  • Gesture Errors (2009)
    • Most of us communicate OK when we are speaking — it is during the pause that our skill level is revealed. How we talk reflects our culture, and surprisingly, during our pause we show our intelligence cross-culturally.
  • Six Wrong Ways to Make a Right First Impression (2010)
    • Michael Grinder presents the non-verbals of how to be seen as competent, confident and intelligent.

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