How to Be a CONFIDENT TEACHER in Parent Teacher Conferences

We’ve been there too…

“… and then that hostile parent walks in. Yelling, blaming, irate – at you.
What do you do?”

We know how stressful the looming parent teacher conferences can be. Even seasoned teachers often dread them. We know how much you care about your students and that you’re just looking for allies in your students’ parents… and then that hostile parent walks in. Yelling, blaming, irate – at you. What do you do? You need a plan that works, steps you can follow.
Well, you’re in luck.

Michael Grinder, Author & Non-Verbal Communication Expert

“You can BE CONFIDENT before, during and after your parent teacher conferences.”

Michael Grinder, the author of ENVoY – Your Personal Guide to Classroom Management, holds the record for classroom observations and world renown expert in non-verbal communication has created “the” survival guide to hostile parent teacher conferences. “Hostile Parent Conference: Avoiding a Cat Fight” is the defacto step-by-step guide to being confident before, during and after a parent teacher conference.

Be a Confident Teacher

You may be thinking, “Gosh I don’t want to spend the time or money to invest into this, I just want to do my job by genuinely teaching my students and manage my stress level.”

eBook “Hostile Parent Conference: Avoiding a Cat Fight” by Michael Grinder & Mary Yenik

Again, you’re in luck:

  • The ebook is ONLY $1.95
  • DOWNLOADABLE pdf (eBook)
  • SHORT READ with step-by-step actionable directions

If parent teacher conferences are just around the corner for you, do yourself a favor and buy “Hostile Parent Conference: Avoiding a Cat Fight”. You’ll get the step-by-step information you need and when that hostile parent shows up (even the best teachers get them) you’ll be confident you knew exactly what to do.

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Michael Grinder

A personal note from Michael Grinder –
“This is my opportunity to provide an understanding that I wish I had had when I was first teaching. Heck, I could have used this wisdom even in my fifteenth year. What is that understanding? An understanding of conferences in general and, in particular, a difficult parent conference. And, most importantly, an understanding that we can be outstanding teachers regardless of the level of success we achieve in a given conference.”
~ Michael Grinder

Free PDF Download: “Basics” Cheat Sheet – 5 Tips for a Successful Parent Conference

Hostile Parent Conference Free PDF

  • You can download, for free, the "Summary of the Basics" from the eBook "Hostile Parent Conference: Avoiding a Cat Fight" by Michael Grinder & Mary Yenik.  Whether you decide to buy the eBook or not, these 5 Basics will be very useful for you. Here’s what to do:
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    3. Review the PDF right before your Parent Conferences
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Ready for more?

See what is in the full eBook…

eBook “Hostile Parent Conference: Avoiding a Cat Fight” by Michael Grinder & Mary Yenik

Table of Contents:

  • Acknowledgments
  • Preface
  • Parent Conferences – the Basics
    • Being in Charge
    • In Summary
  • Difficult Parent Conferences – Overview
  • Difficult Parent Conferences – Details
    • Stage One: Venting
      • Giving Ourselves Permission to Leave
      • If We Decide to Stay
      • Understanding the Parent’s Frustrations
      • Who Needs to Attend?
      • Other Refinements:
    • Stage Two: Shifting
    • Stage Three: Self-discovering
      • The Parent Discovers the Facts
    • Fourth Stage: Resolving
  • Advanced Considerations
    • Personas of Dog and Cat
    • Socio-economic Levels
    • Success of the Conference – the Big Picture
    • Breathing
    • Big Cats
    • Sometimes Life is the PITs
  • End Notes

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