VIDEO: Parent Attacking Educational Administrator

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The “Parent Attacking Educational Administrator” video clip is from MGA’s DVD, “Making Difficult Conversations Easy” Filmed in Toronto, 2014. The most complex situations demand the most sophisticated techniques. Michael demonstrates how to influence an irate adult’s breathing.

Making Difficult Conversations Easy – DVD

Making-Difficult-Conversations-Easy-DVDThis two-disc DVD set filmed live in Toronto, Canada, is specifically created for educational administrators, principals and superintendents to minimize conflict and influence outcomes when delivering difficult information. Whether it is staff, a hostile parent, a school board review or delivering negative news to the public-at-large, Michael’s system shows you how to deliver volatile information and still preserve relationships.
In just 3-hours you will learn how to effortlessly and easily:

  • Share bad news and not be the messenger that “gets shot”
  • Be powerfully persuasive
  • Build understanding, trust and safety
  • Deliver information with confidence and competence
  • Increase your credibility and earn people’s respect

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