Non-Verbal Communication Skills


Non-Verbal Communication Skills

Leadership Trainings

Michael Grinder & Associates (MGA) is a leading source of professional training in group dynamics and non-verbal communication skills. We offer programs for education, public seminars and in-house leadership settings.

A world renown expert in the science of non-verbal communication, Michael


teaches the use of charismatic leadership through the use influence rather than power. He has developed a unique, new way to look at non-verbal communication that is rich in practical skills.

Our Leadership Training programs focus on developing individual and team-based behavior and skills so that your business results can be improved. Our consultants follow a rigorous, results-based program that identifies your issues and key outcomes first, and then we configure the right leadership training programs to achieve the behavioral and business outcomes desired.

These trainings can transform the way:
  • Leaders build, connect with, inspire and motivate their teams
  • People deal with conflict
  • We deliver presentations
  • We communicate with others
  • We deliver unpleasant information
  • We maintain our relationships

Michael's quick wit and relaxed style makes for the perfect keynote address. His style is one that uses lots of group involvement, humor and energy. Your delegates will really appreciate the delivery, as well as the take home value of the content of his work.

Topics That Can Be Selected

Interested in one of these topics? Want to arrange and customize your own training to your special specifications? Check out our Classes and Trainings page to see if it's being offered or click the button below to fill out a form to request your own customized training.

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Enhance your conference by having Michael entertain and motivate your audience into believing in a potential greater than they have previously imagined.

Have Michael educate while he entertains, amazes and amuses your audience with his unparalleled understanding of group dynamics and non-verbal communication.

He has a variety of Keynote Addresses to
offer or you can have him create one to your exact criteria. Learn more here.