The History of ENVoY

Your Personal Guide to Classroom Management

The History

The capitals letters E N V Y stand for Educational Non-Verbal Yardsticks; and, secondly, an envoy is like an ambassador who can explain and interpret a culture both to its own members and to those new to that culture.

During Michael Grinder’s first three years of teaching high school, he observed Carl Rogers’ modeling that

learning occurs in a safe atmosphere that comes from forming relationships. The rich experiences of teaching in Watts, in Escalante’s neighborhood of Compton, and on the central Oregon coast with the Siletz Indians taught Grinder that being well intended isn’t sufficient – we have to be culturally respectful.

After teaching 17 years on three different levels of education, Michael presents to such corporations as Nike, Hewlett-Packard, and Volkswagen. His passion is still in the classroom – in fact, he has personally observed in over 6,000 classrooms on four continents. His methods are research tested.

People do not become teachers so that they can struggle with management, sending kids to the office, and going home in a bad mood every day. Any teacher who learns the Seven Gems and uses them consistently will have more learning going on in their classroom. And the students will know the teacher cares. In other words, ENVoY helps teachers keep good relationships with students while at the same time holding them accountable for their behavior.


ENVoY is the classroom management system developed by Michael Grinder after observational research in actual classrooms. Grinder wanted to find out the “nitty-gritty” reasons why students learn well and behave well with some teachers and yet those same students are unmanageable with other teachers.

Independent of the subject or grade

level, these techniques work. What were the successful teachers doing? Michael Grinder identified the seven non-verbal techniques used by the best teachers. The Seven Gems are the best of the 31 skills in the ENVoY program.

ENVoY helps teachers fulfill why they entered our profession – to teach.

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