Lessons in the Power of Influence

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Michael interviewed in the latest issue of Rapport Magazine.

Article from Rapport Magazine, http://www.anlp.org

…I saw Michael Grinder in action at last year’s NLP Conference where he gave the Keynote speech on the first night. Appropriately for a night when the rain was torrential, his subject was ‘Cats and Dogs’. In a packed, and slightly steamy, hall in Regent’s College he demonstrated his own ability to work with groups. He had us first engaged and then involved. We’ll return to the Cats and Dogs theme presently, but first I want to give some background on the man himself…

…I wondered if being John Grinder’s brother had been an issue as he developed his career. Did people have expectations of how he would be? “I suppose there is a certain notoriety to it but I’ve never experienced
prejudice or skewed expectations. I’m able to be myself as well as John’s brother.” … read the entire article

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