The Art of Relationships

    The Course

    Relationships are the key to leadership, morale and productivity.

    Successful, charismatic leaders have a deep understanding of the individual and the group, and know the appropriate strategies to fostering and maintaining relationships. Charisma is most evidenced when strong people willingly follow a leader.

    This course is a blueprint for developing charismatic leadership through relationships. We draw parallels to behaviors that are surprisingly similar to those observed in pets – anyone who has ever owned a cat and a dog instinctively knows the difference between their personalities. Even Dilbert, in his capturing the cubical life, has the evil director labeled “Catbert” and the gentle consultant named “Dogbert.”


    This is a wonderful opportunity to understand the differences between being a leader and being a charismatic leader.

    We provide an in-depth understanding of both leaders and followers, while preparing you to apply what you learn to both your personal and professional worlds.

    Course Information

    • The Goal

      Become a charismatic, persuasive communicator that others instinctively want to follow. This course provides the behaviors and style of charisma; you have to develop character and values on your own.  Since non-verbals comprise 80% of what communication, we will study and practice the full range of non-verbal behaviors and develop your personal charismatic style.

    • The Method

      • This is a 2-5 day course
      • 1/3 presentation, 1/3 demonstration and 1/3 roleplay
    • The Results

      This course gives you concrete ways to use non-verbal techniques and group dynamics to benefit everybody you interact with — especially yourself!

      • Improve your leadership skills and manage difficult personalities.
      • Develop the means for increasing the energy in a room
      • Learn the little-known, yet powerful ways to use your hands, your eye contact, and your non-verbals to increase your credibility
      • Gain the ability to recognize, label, predict, and respond appropriately to patterns of communication.
      • Most importantly, deliver your most impactful messages without blinking.
      • It also provides specific strategies for: managing disruptive team members, recognizing and utilizing the leaders, coping with surprises and changes, accelerating the formation of the team.

    What Others Are Saying

    • “I had the honor to organize Michael Grinder three times. His type of intercession is embossed from his vision to use the possibilities of nonverbal communication. The balance of sternness and humor, from conviction and playful trying out, of charisma and admitting his own humanity turns him into a teacher, from whom I have liked to learn.

      And the profit of the application speaks in behalf of itself. Alleged small things lead to big changes in group-dynamics and in interactions. Using his ideas and observations make things much easier, so I as a trainer and coach can recommend his trainings warmly.”

      – Nikolai Hotzan, German sponsor

    • “Michael Grinder´s presentation: ‘Communication, Presence and Charisma’ at the V NLP Latin American Congress in Brazil, last year, was rated excellent by 98% of the participants. People were impressed with his outstanding ability on non-verbal communication.

      – Jairo Mancilha M.D. Ph.D. Director of INAp – Applied NLP Institute in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

    • “Michael’s training was a journey to the heart of communication. It peeled back the layers of communication to reveal the subtle patterns that enable you to influence and lead. So many of my team described this as the best training they have attended.”

      – Robert Smith, Head of HR Consultancy, Human Resources, Office of Communication, UK Government