What others are saying:

“I wanted to reach out to Michael Grinder to thank him for the Group Wizardry training this summer. As I returned to school and have been presenting in front of my staff and school community, the skills I learned have improved my presentation and confidence as a speaker. During my welcome back speech to my staff, I moved some of them to tears partly because of the topic of believing in yourself, but I also know it was due to the way in which I presented the content. The presentation had a powerful impact. In fact, one staff member commented today, that I have been on fire as a leader this year and have truly done an amazing job setting a positive and encouraging tone for the school year. Thank you, Michael!”

– Janelle Johnson

“I have studied with Michael for 15 years and am convinced that MICHAEL IS the reason my speaking career has been successful as it is. He is the master at non-verbal communication. Those who have studied with Michael have seen their careers transformed. It is the best investment you will ever make.”

– Amanda Gore, Keynote Speaker of the Year 2009 and NSA Hall of Fame

“I had the pleasure to do some more work with Michael Grinder at a recent one day workshop in Brisbane.  As a professional speaker, the content was spot on for me and my business and enabled me to fine tune some specific aspects of my presentations.  Michael’s work is practical, easily applied and powerful, in fact his work is universal to anyone presenting to an audience, conference speakers like me and or teachers and trainers.  Thanks again for such amazing insights into communicating effectively to my audience Michael.”


Lindsay Adams CSP
CEO, Teamocracy
Brisbane, Australia

Dear Michael,

“I just wanted to let you know how amazingly useful I’ve found the Group Mastery training.  I’ve spent most of the last year managing a really complex cultural and organisational change programme.

The skills I learnt from you have been sooo useful and a real contributor to the successes I’ve had over the year.  It’s been so easy to spot my champions, manage the trouble makers, work out who the cats and dogs are.  When I give presentations, I can predict the effect when I use your tools and techniques.

I’ve managed to get all my key stakeholders on board and I would never have even attempted this job if I hadn’t had the benefit of your amazing training, Michael.  You’ve given me such confidence and you’ve taught me to BREATHE!

Thank you so much.  You’ve had a transformational effect on me.”

~ Maria Higgs, Surrey County Council in Kingston-upon-Thames, UK

“Working with Michael was an absolute pleasure. He is easy to deal with and goes above and beyond to deliver on all he promises and so much more. He exceeded our expectations on so many levels.

“Michael’s tagline; the average presenter informs, the good presenter persuades and the great presenter inspires…Is what he truly lives by.  He took some average presenters and made them great and some good and great presenters and made them outstanding.

“I have never been in a program where so many people had such profound shifts and such enormous learning.

“Michael’s greatest ability is to change peoples’ behaviors in hours. He is a true master at non-verbal communication and group dynamics. He has changed the way I think and look at communication.

“He is a world-class presenter, facilitator and coach with an endless well of knowledge and wisdom to impart…a true master of his craft.”


It was a real eye opener attending the five-day Michael Grinder course. Wow what a revelation into the mechanics of non-verbal communication and body language. I can honestly say that I learnt more from the days with Michael that I have over the past 2 years of attending a number of workshops and communication sessions across the country. Thank you Michael for allowing us all to learn and discover the art of the science.

Thanks again for everything Michael, I have been telling everyone about meeting you and have been saying that it was the first time I’ve met a genius.

Bless ya mate!

Sam Cawthorn – Speaker

“If you have any interest in group dynamics and the power of non-verbal communication you have to experience Michael Grinder.  As experts in High Stakes Conversations, Tracey and I were truly impressed with the additional layers that Michael exposed to us and taught us.  It has had an immediate impact on our work.  He absolutely ratifies our believe that excellent communication is a life-skill that you never stop learning. Michael is masterful in his knowledge and ability to impart it.”

Hugh Gyton & Tracey Ward, Co-Authors of ‘the art of conversation’

“A colleague at work asked me how the course was and I told him. All other courses I have been to earlier turn out to be pale when you compare it to the quality of what Michael delivers. It is like comparing a toolbox from K-mart with a toolbox from NASA…”

Hans-Peter Eriksson
Affärsområdeschef – Marknad & kommunikation
Sandviken Energi

“In addition to being a uniquely effective communication coach, Michael Grinder is also one of the most caring and supportive people we know. An incredibly skilled facilitator, Michael captures the attention and participation of everyone in his audiences. He delivers a unique set of tools that every participant can easily utilize to be more effective in their personal and working lives. Michael models everything he teaches and his delivery is often humorous and always relevant.

“Michael has trained our SuperCamp facilitators since our first exposure to his unique skills and he is the only outside trainer we have brought in consistently over the last decade. We witness again and again the positive effect he has on our staff as he immediately creates a connection and gains their respect.

“Michael offers seemingly subtle but exceedingly powerful facilitation and communication skills and insight into the undeniable impact of non-verbal communication. When participants leave his sessions, they are motivated, inspired, and excited!

“We greatly value Michael’s friendship and appreciate his contribution to the growth of Quantum Learning Network.”

Bobbi DePorter & Joe Chapon
Quantum Learning Network
Super Camp across U.S., Asia, Europe and Latin America / QL Education

The skills Michael taught me in the science and art of communication improved my professional and private life. I use “presentation skills” in my lectures. Students often commend my presentation style as being varied, eventful and instructive. I wished I had been already taught those keys skills for life success at school.

Michael Grinder – simply the best and most effective communication trainer I’ve ever learned from!  Michael lives what he teaches. He is the friend and teacher of his students. He`s totally involved in improving his students communication skills.

Dr. Erich Wuhr

“I had the honor to organize Michael Grinder three times. His type of intercession is embossed from his vision to use the possibilities of nonverbal communication. The balance of sternness and humor, from conviction and playful trying out, of charisma and admitting his own humanity turns him into a teacher, from whom I have liked to learn.

And the profit of the application speaks in behalf of itself. Alleged small things lead to big changes in group-dynamics and in interactions. Using his ideas and observations make things much easier, so I as a trainer and coach can recommend his trainings warmly.”

Nikolai Hotzan, German sponsor

“I continue to be fascinated by the clarity and the genius of the teaching techniques and theories Michael Grinder presents in his seminars and books. Basic truths and knowledge, which every teacher has intuitively experienced, have been placed within a clear and transparent framework. The unconscious becomes conscious. What had been intuition becomes a tool. And teachers’ daily lives are not only simplified but become a (even greater) source of joy and pleasure! His seminars and teachings have changed my life as well as the lives of thousands of teachers and trainers you have reached.”

Thank you, Michael.
Pearl Nitsche

“I have engaged Michael Grinder as a trainer for Swedish teachers and businessmen and women since 1986. Michael has run workshops and courses for hundreds of Swedes in his highly practical, personal, inspirational and competent manner. I believe Michael Grinder to be the world’s leading expert on non-verbal communication and leadership. Aside from his world class presentation skills, what makes Michael unique is his detailed knowledge of the specific details of communicaiton that lead to success. He helps his groups train these specific skills in a way that makes his workshops and teachings immediately useful.”

John Steinberg, Ph D Sweden
Author of 40 books in the behavior sciences

“Michael has had a significant impact across Barclays working with many of our talented people – from the most senior business leadership teams through to mid managers to our entry level pools of graduate talent. We work with leading global experts to drive business and personal performance across talent and leadership and there is no consultant out there that comes close to delivering what Michael does. He is unique. I highly recommend you experience Michael Grinder in your business.”

Kathryn Wainwright
Director of Talent Management & Executive Resourcing

“As an administrator at Windsor Middle School since 1995, I have witnessed the genesis of ENVoY and its growth since that time. Since the initial training, teachers saw the inherent value of what they were being taught. Unlike many staff development efforts, ENVoY involves very little extra planning and it can be used in every discipline across the school every day.

Since that time, practically all of my teachers have been trained repeatedly with several teachers acting as onsite coaches. Because teachers see and believe the practicality of the program, they spread the word to their colleagues.

Time and time again, they report that they have more energy at the end of each day, feel less stress in their jobs, have more time for curriculum and instruction, spend less time on classroom management and develop better relationships with their students.

Because of the pervasiveness of ENVoY techniques on our campus, it is a common professional language for us all. We use ENVoY techniques in parent conferences, in faculty meetings, in student assemblies, in parent presentations, in the office and on the schoolyard.

As a result of ENVoY, more time is spent on curriculum throughout the school. Students enter classrooms and find entry directions posted and get right to work with no reminders from teachers. Transitions throughout class periods are smoother and quicker. We have seen an improvement in our writing, reading and math assessments and attribute part of this increase to the common implementation of ENVoY.

Because verbal cues are posted in every room on campus, substitutes have reported fewer discipline problems. Perhaps the most striking example of ENVoY strategies that I observe each day is in the physical education classes. Often one teacher is leading a class of 60 eighth graders during whole group instruction; students focus intently on the teacher and get into their activity with no delay or additional instructions. These daily occurrences emphasize how powerful ENVoY can be with students.

ENVoY helped to transform Windsor Middle School from being known as one of the most difficult to work in with 5 principals in one year to being recognized as a California Distinguished School in 2001. Teachers and administrators at Windsor Middle School want to be here!”

Loren R. Barker
Principal, Windsor Middle School
Windsor, California

“Life is amazing.  Our DNA is made up of only 4 basic building blocks that together work with 20 proteins create the uniqueness of life.  Michael Grinder has with his work with non-verbal communication, learning styles and group dynamics contributed as richly to understanding the art and science of communication as Watsom and Crick did to the discovery of the code structure of DNA.  His decoding of the pentimento dynamics of non-verbal communication and group dynamics is ground breaking.

My first study with Michael began in 1993 and I have taken many courses since.  If anyone ever asks me where to go to study the REAL foundation of group dynamics I never hesitate to firmly state ‘Michael Grinder is the ONLY one in the world to study group dynamics with.’

Be mindful is my only warning.  The rigor and commitment to excellence you will experience in Michael Grinder’s work is second to none and the program will either take you to your own mastery or you will retreat back into mediocrity.  Michael Grinder is like a true Zen master when it comes to presentation skills, group dynamics and creating environments where your students or those you are leading will be transformed by your skill as a communicator and group leader.

Learning this work is something you can never forget and it will infuse every ounce of your communication excellence.  It has mine. The discovery of DNA has enabled us to unravel some of the deepest mysteries of life.  Working with Michael you will learn and understand the deepest mysteries of communication and groups.  I promise!”

Robert Knowlton
Business Coach and Seminar Leader

“This is the most useful and impactful training I have been exposed to.”

Jeremy Bach
Editor Anchor Point Journal

“I am a graduate of Michael Grinder’s Group Dynamics Certificate Program. I completed the course two years ago and have used the skills extensively in my position, Director of Academic Affairs, Idaho Campus of the University of Phoenix. I work with over 600 students and 100 practitioner faculty. I teach graduate and undergraduate adult students and train master level and doctorate level faculty. I have used the word “skills” above because that is what one gains from Michael’s program. His experiential teaching methodology and technical support through video recall, monthly assignments via the internet which he reviews and provides personal feedback on, repetition of core concepts, and sequential learning; provide a multi modality learning opportunity that truly has the capability of transforming attendees into skilled practitioners. I have successfully applied the skills I came away with on a daily basis, not only in teaching and training, but in supervisory and peer level interactions.

What Michael has to offer is not available anywhere else. It is truly unique and on the cutting edge in the domains of human performance and group interaction. I highly recommend his course for anyone looking to take their abilities to the next level.”

Bill Bach, Ph.D.

“I am the President of a management consulting firm based in California. We provide leadership and systems consulting to organizations in the United States, Australia, South Africa and Indonesia. Our primary focus is to assist in building organizations that are resilient, flexible and sustainable while achieving their desired short term outcomes. The models and skills learned through Michael’s work are deeply embedded in all of what we do with our clients. We will forever be indebted to Michael for his wonderful and extremely practical contributions to our work and to the whole field of organization development.”

Steve Zuieback
Synectics: Creative Management Strategies

“An excellent opportunity to master the skills needed to work effectively with all kinds of groups.”

Eleme Marsden
Director Corazon Training

“A lot of fresh ideas and perspectives. Michael demonstrates what he was teaching regularly throughout, especially through the handling of a difficult person. The way the homework and certification process reinforced learning was excellent. The film viewing was very valuable.”

Patricia McBride,
Management Training Consultant

“My eyes have been opened to the whole new world I never knew existed – this is great stuff taught in such an inspiring way.”

Justine Thomas,
Internal and Franchise Communication Management,
The Body Shop International PLC

“The training Michael Grinder provides is world-class – delivered in an inspiring way. It has proved to be highly applicable for my own professional development and implementation in International Educational settings.
The program is delivered with the highest authenticity, integrity and respect for the individual and the group – regardless of background, nationality, gender or race. This is because of this I continue attending M. Grinder classes since 1995 in UK, France, Germany and the States. In my capacity as Executive Officer to the Executive Director of the Council of International Schools I have invited M. Grinder to run full day program with international educators – this proved to have been a top-nudge highly usable training for all involved.”

Andrea Rohmert


“How amazingly powerful to attend a workshop one day and put the knowledge into action immediately when returning to work. Michael Grinder shared the importance of group dynamics, going visual, and how to deal with both cats and dogs alike. Michael presents information in a pragmatic, engaging matter. A gifted presenter.”


Grant Axtell, President of  Cascadia Chapter ASTD


Michael Grinder´s presentation: “Communication, Presence and Charisma” at
the V NLP Latin American Congress in Brazil, last year, was rated excellent by 98% of the participants. People were impressed with his outstanding ability on non-verbal communication.


Jairo Mancilha M.D. Ph.D. Director of INAp – Applied NLP Institute (Rio de Janeiro – BRAZIL)


“I have attended numerous training and development programs during my 23 year career, and Michael Grinder’s Group Mastery program is without doubt the one which has had the biggest positive impact.  Michael’s exceptional teaching enabled me to learn highly practical approaches to understand and influence how groups (from a group of just 2 people through to auditoriums of 200 or 300) interact and are effective and ineffective.  My presentations improved enormously through use of the non-verbal techniques covered on the course.  The weekly worksheets and video exercises were invaluable in ensuring that the learning was embedded.  This was a life-changing program – thank you Michael and team!”


Nigel Bretton, UK Bank CFO

“Michael’s training was a journey to the heart of communication.  It peeled back the layers of communication to reveal the subtle patterns that enable you to influence and lead.  So many of my team described this as the best training they have attended.”

Robert Smith, Head of HR Consultancy, Human Resources, Office of Communication, UK Government

Hi Michael
I attended your 5-day Group Wizardry workshop recently and wanted to let you know what a wonderful learning experience it was for me.
It’s not often that a person is both an expert and a master trainer in a subject. You are one of those rare exceptions.
I came away from the workshop with a greater sense of confidence based on all of the wonderful skills I learned in non-verbal communication.
I would highly recommend your workshops to anyone no matter what their profession as the skills you teach are universally applicable.

Tom Tiernan, VisualsSpeak LLC, Hillsboro, OR, USA

Word comes to us from across the pond, that our graduate of Group Dynamics has taken first place in Division B in a recent Toastmaster event! Way to go Hilary!


I thought Gail and yourself would be pleased to hear of my recent success in the Toastmasters International UK & Ireland Speech
Evaluation contest (see www.thelondonspeaker.com).

In this contest, the contestants hear a 7 min speech, and then have 5 mins to prepare their 2-3min evaluation highlighting what they liked about the speech, any areas of weakness the speaker has and how they might improve.

I found the material from the Group Dynamics course really helpful in boosting my evaluation skills, and also enhancing my delivery –
my credibility & authority was noted!

Hope you’re both really well & many thanks again for the fabulous course.

Love & best wishes,
Hilary Briggs”

See Hilary here: —see http://thelondonspeaker.typepad.com/weblog/2008/05/a-belated-cill.html

Hi Michael,
Hope you are well. I just wanted to share my story with you – it still astonishes and amuses me but I think its fantastic too and is obviously great feedback on the quality of your training, research and materials.

After the course, I decided to have a go at running a little ‘lunch and learn’ session about some of the non-verbal techniques. I offered it to some people I knew well; they came along, I got some feedback, refined it and offered it again. That was in April. Since then I have done two sessions a month – I do not advertise, nor send out details to my distribution lists – the sessions are filled purely by attendees going back and recommending them to their colleagues. Occasionally I have cancellations but always fill them with help from previous attendees. I have them booked up until September.
They have a life of their own, everyone loves them and the funniest thing – this isn’t part of my job, I just decided to do it off my own back but they have ended up being one of the best networking things ever – I have met loads of new people!

They are small (7 people) and very informal and friendly. Very interactive and we have discussions, share stories, and have a great experience. I have every level of person in the room right from the top –  Group Vice President and have wonderful stories from people who have used it. My favourite was someone who got a pay rise from going 3rd point. I get everyone in the room to have a go and then get them to feed back to each other (rather than me doing it). It works so well – and attendees love that they meet new people at the same time. I always make sure I have a mix of cats and dogs – so that the cats learn that not everyone is like them and the dogs all look at me with such relief – its very sweet.
Always tell them about you and share some of your stories and scare them by telling them you have taught yourself to not blink for 40 mins. As soon as I do that, they immediately know you’re seriously impressive and buy-in to everything:-)

Its is only since doing them that I realised how essential all of the practice was on the course as I can now give very good demos. Also had the ultimate validation from someone at a workshop last week – I was explaining afterwards about non-verbals and he said “Ah, that makes sense. In the workshop I noticed that when you speak everyone listens and the room goes silent. Now I know why”

Anyway, wanted to say thank you and let you know there are some much better communicators in BP because of you! Just a few examples of feedback enclosed (though obviously only dogs write and say thank you afterwards – the cats just go off and do it!)

Judith Parker
Change, Communications & Engagement Manager
Business Services Transformation Project

Dear Michael

In short, the amount of positive feedback I have received in months past from individuals in professional and private contexts on how ‘clear’ my communication with them has been is staggering.  This has been the case in 1 to 1 communication, as well as when giving presentations to groups of varying sizes.

I truly learned a lot in the Group Dynamics course, particularly from observing and listening to you, but also from the practical, pedagogical approach applied and the ongoing exercises with other participants.  I am very grateful for this privilege.  In many ways this training has been an eye-opener and, applied with principles of NLP, really makes for powerful and influential communication that I am enjoying tremendously.

Being somewhat of a skeptic, I recall well my erstwhile doubts when you made clear during the 1st module that mastering this art would take years.  I only now am beginning to understand this better and have come to see it as a life-long personal improvement objective.  Frankly, I wish I had gotten this training much earlier in my career and realize how much John Bailey has been unaware of in years past and how much more aware he can become going forward.

What I found particularly valuable was the vocabulary and methodologies that you taught us to recognize and label group dynamic and, specifically, non-verbal processes and thereby making these more transparent, easier to identify and communicate and, thus, more meaningful.

Looking forward tremendously to taking this learning journey to the next level.

Best regards and speak soon,
John Bailey