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MGA's Free Resources and Downloads have a NEW HOME!

We are excited to announce Michael Grinder’s new online community!

This is the place to be to continue improving your effectiveness in non-verbal communication and your relationship management skills.

We’ve organized our free resources content from our website into this new

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online learning environment. This is where you will find worksheets that accompany Michael’s books, videos, as well as different articles and handouts that relate to your primary area of interest:

  • Education (including Administrative Leadership)
  • Leadership
  • Personal Development

Our future plans for the site include Online Courses and specialized community groups and forums to grow and challenge your non-verbal skills with peers of similar interests.

To begin exploring all the non-verbal communication resources, please click the button below and let us know your primary area of interest.

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Sneak Peek

Check out this preview of our Free Resource's new home!


The content below has moved to the new online area:


  • ENVoY (Classroom Management)
  • A Healthy Classroom (Educational Group Dynamics)
  • A Cat in the Doghouse
  • Card Shuffle
  • Handling the Balance
  • Educational YouTube Videos
  • Parent Conferences
    • Basic Parent Conference: 5 Tips for Success
    • Hostile Parent Conference
    • Exiting a Hostile Parent Conference
  • Behavioral Indicators of the Three Modalities


  • Managing Groups (The Fast Track and The Inside Track)
  • Charisma–The Art of Relationships (Cats and Dogs)
  • The Elusive Obvious--The Science of Non-verbal Communication
  • Handling the Balance
  • Corporate YouTube Videos
  • From Cat Herding to Leadership – VSD Program 2016-2017 (Steve Zuieback and Michael Grinder)
  • Pentimento
  • "Which Voice to Speak: Credible or Approachable?"
  • How Not to Get Shot
  • 6 Wrong Ways to Make a First Right Impression
  • Points of Communication – Preserving Relationships
  • Breathing and Permission
  • Linguistic-Neuro

Personal Development

  • Couples Workshop Electronic Appendix
  • Personal Development YouTube Videos


  • Handling the Balance: Stress Management Power Point for NLP Planet March 14
  • Reframing


  • A Presenter's Challenge
  • Michael's Family
  • Skills Snippets YouTube Videos
  • Suggested Answers to Beer Caps
  • MGA YouTube Videos
  • Speakers that Michael uses in his trainings: UE Megaboom Speaker
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