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  1. Hello Michael, I was introduced to your training at Houston Montessori Center by Mary Yenik during my Montessori admin credential course! Ever since, I have been dreaming about attending the training and have been following daily quotes as well as bought the ebook – Charisma. I emailed last year requesting a session in Dallas and I was informed that due to your health reasons, I will hear back later. I am wondering if there are plans to host a session Dallas, TX. I can assist with organizing if needed. Hope we could have you in Dallas soon!

    1. Hi Athirai! Thanks for your comment! Way to be a self-learner in terms of utilizing the daily quotes and reading through Charisma. Great steps! We would love to work with you to bring Michael to Dallas. The best way to start this process is to fill out and submit the following form: . Hope you find this helpful! -Alicia

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