Non-Verbal Communication & Classroom Management

Why Non-Verbal Management? | What is the ENVoY Program? | Who is it For? | Research

Michael Grinder & Associates (MGA) provides training for teachers, administrators, and school districts in the arena of non-verbal communication, group dynamics, influence skills, and much more. All of MGA’s educational programs offer practical strategies that are easy to learn and quick to employ.

Our classroom management programs and trainings include:

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Why Non-Verbal Classroom Management?

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The non-verbal skills we offer will positively influence the single most powerful leverage point in education: the teacher-student relationship.

Since over 80% of communication is based on the non-verbal aspects of communication, our focus is on how to systematically employ effective eye contact, voice patterns and body language (including the use of location).

This establishes an educational environment that nourishes positive relationships, which leads to increased student achievement.

Expected outcomes include fewer disciplinary incidents, improved student attendance, higher student grades, higher staff morale, and a lower level of staff burn-out.

Teachers who systematically utilize the full range of non-verbal management skills are able to reinforce consistent and fair parameters while preserving their relationships with each student, regardless of unique learning styles or cultural backgrounds.

What is the ENVoY® program?

ENVoY is a vehicle to shift educators from seeing themselves as bastions of Power to instruments of Influence. When used by cadres of instructors within a school, these programs bring out the professional strengths of all members involved.

We need to elevate ourselves from within … we need systems which enable us to profit from the wealth of abilities that lie in insular classrooms. It is only through sharing and supporting processes that the collective wisdom of the staff emerges.

Who is the the program for?

  • Teachers at all levels. The classroom can be viewed with educational binoculars – the primary tube focuses on curriculum, and ENVoY® is the management tube which supports the learning. The program is useful whether you are teaching in K-12 or adult education.
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    The programs are useful for anyone that works with children or students.

  • Anyone who works with children. The principles of non-verbal management can help parents – and anyone who works with children – to maintain positive relationships while respectfully adhering to high standards for behavior.
  • Individual Schools. The ENVoY® program teaches what an effective manager in the individual classroom is, and what the most effective way is to change the culture of a school.
  • Staff Development. Research shows that when school districts have a common focus for their teachers’ professional development, the reinforcement of that focus encourages the teachers to create new habits.

Research on ENVoY

Extensive research has been done on the ENVoY program, both internally and externally.

Research demonstrates that the systematic use of non-verbal messages is the single most important skill any professional utilizes. By employing the full range of the non-verbal skills taught in ENVoY, we can manage with influence as opposed to power in any setting.

The research that’s been done shows that MGA’s work transforms the levels of teaching and learning with schools and school districts. To find out more about the effectiveness of Michael’s work, check out this compilation: ENVoY Research.

Meet the Expert

Michael Grinder, author of 13 books translated into 7 languages.

After years of experience as a teacher, Michael Grinder, MA, has been speaking at conferences and conducting seminars across the world. He has been seen for years as an expert on learning, and affectionately dubbed America’s educator of educators.

His work with many school districts and administrators has transformed the levels of teaching and learning. Michael Grinder shows educators how to use influence rather than power to manage the classroom.

This series is based on Michael’s best-selling books for educators. Widely used in the U.S., Europe, Australia, Asia and Latin America.