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Group Dynamics 2019

    The Course

    When you think of the characteristics of a leader, what comes to mind?

    • Someone who gets things done?
    • Someone who understands what others need?
    • Someone who has charisma?

    While these are typically true of a leader, the good news is these skills can be quickly and easily learned and practiced in just a few days.


    It is not the leader's words that make the impact, it's the leader's previous promises kept that conveys a confidence ...

    By understanding group dynamics and presenting your messages with effective skill, people will want you to lead them. "You are your product," your presence is your leadership abilities.

    “Does your non-verbal communication help or hinder your verbal message?
    Increase your congruency. Increase your permission. Increase your results.”
    Michael Grinder

    Imagine what you could learn in five days about Presentation Skills, Group Dynamics, and Charismatic Leadership from the world’s foremost expert in non-verbal communication.

    Dates: June 24th–28th, 2019
    Hours: 9-4:30 Monday-Thursday; 7-11 am Friday
    Location: Comfort Suites, 12010 NE Airport Way in Portland, OR 97220
    Price: $700 ($50 deposit to register). Discounts available. Order options below.

    Whether you speak to large or small groups, within your work place or to the public, Michael’s presentation training in specific non-verbal communication skills will give your message that extra pizazz.

    Group Wizardry is open to all levels, novice or pro. Accelerate your presentation to the next level.


    June 24–28th, 2019


    • $700 ($50 deposit to register)
    • Early bird (May 24) discount: $50
    • Last year's participants, full time teachers, students: $100 discount
    • To get Brandman U Credit: $195
    • Optional: Add $40 for video recording of Michael working with you on the last day.


    No previous experience is necessary. The manual for this course is Group Wizardry by Michael Grinder and will be provided at the training.


    • Monday–Thursday: 9-4:30
    • Friday: 7–11am
    • Optional video recording on Friday morning.


    • Address: Comfort Suites
      12010 NE Airport Way
      Portland, OR 97220
    • Phone: (800) 216-5927 or (503) 261-9000
    • Email:
    • Mention Group Wizardry attendance to receive a lodging discount of $145 per night (not including taxes) at Comfort Suites.

      Course Details

      • The Goal

        Build the skills indispensable to successful meetings, training sessions, presentations and facilitation.

      • The Method

          • This is a 5 day course
          • Training includes four days of interactive work. On day five, you will have the opportunity to practice individual presentations before small peer groups. Michael will provide non-judgmental feedback. You may purchase online and downloadable video access to your group’s presentations and Michael’s feedback.

      • The Results

        The content focus includes the three major areas listed below. Yearly, one of them is emphasized more than the others.


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      What Others Are Saying

      • Dear Michael: I just wanted to let you know how amazingly useful I’ve found the Group Mastery training. I’ve spent most of the last year managing a really complex cultural and organisational change programme.

        The skills I learnt from you have been sooo useful and a real contributor to the successes I’ve had over the year. It’s been so easy to spot my champions, manage the trouble makers, work out who the cats and dogs are. When I give presentations, I can predict the effect when I use your tools and techniques.

        I’ve managed to get all my key stakeholders on board and I would never have even attempted this job if I hadn’t had the benefit of your amazing training, Michael. You’ve given me such confidence and you’ve taught me to BREATHE!

        Thank you so much. You’ve had a transformational effect on me.

        – Maria Higgs, Surrey County Council in Kingston-upon-Thames, UK

      • “Working with Michael was an absolute pleasure. He is easy to deal with and goes above and beyond to deliver on all he promises and so much more. He exceeded our expectations on so many levels.

        Michael’s tagline; the average presenter informs, the good presenter persuades and the great presenter inspires…Is what he truly lives by. He took some average presenters and made them great and some good and great presenters and made them outstanding.

        I have never been in a program where so many people had such profound shifts and such enormous learning.

        Michael’s greatest ability is to change peoples’ behaviors in hours. He is a true master at non-verbal communication and group dynamics. He has changed the way I think and look at communication.

        He is a world-class presenter, facilitator and coach with an endless well of knowledge and wisdom to impart…a true master of his craft.”

        – Kirsty Spraggon, Sponsor for 25 Australian Speakers, 2010

      • “If you have any interest in group dynamics and the power of non-verbal communication you have to experience Michael Grinder. As experts in High Stakes Conversations, Tracey and I were truly impressed with the additional layers that Michael exposed to us and taught us. It has had an immediate impact on our work. He absolutely ratifies our believe that excellent communication is a life-skill that you never stop learning. Michael is masterful in his knowledge and ability to impart it.”

        Hugh Gyton & Tracey Ward, Co-Authors of ‘The Art of Conversation’

      Comments 2

      1. does anybody can go to your courses?
        I am not a mgr. just want to increase my level of communication.
        can I go to both courses?


        1. Hi Javier,

          Yes, our courses are open to everyone. Sometimes there are prerequisites to courses, such as Perception Camp, but attending Group Wizardry satisfies it. You may go to both courses. I apologize for the delay in seeing your comment. Please email me directly with any other questions:

          Thank you!

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