Educational Perception Camp with Michael Grinder

We are all familiar with the expression of “The Art and Science of…” Most of the time we spend our professional development on the science. Educational Perception Camp is the art of understanding the educational environment. This five-day program explores five major areas of the classroom. Learn to see the world with the insights that Michael does. Imagine seeing and understanding students using the same skills as Michael does.

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“Perception Camp starts to open you to a whole new world of data gathering about a classroom, a group of colleagues, a school, or a district. It gives teachers the tools needed to begin to really know their students before they even make it to their seats on the first day of school. After Perception Camp, teachers begin to understand and influence the important elements that go beyond test scores and demographic data.”*

–Andrew Silmser
Anoka Middle School for the Arts

Who should attend?

  • Do you have a need for a far deeper understanding of student interaction in a variety of situations?
  • Do you teach students, coach teachers, or lead educators?
  • Do you need to engage more productively with colleagues?
  • If you answered yes to these questions, then the skills you need to develop to a high level are your perception and thinking skills which enable you to recognize behaviors and beliefs which impact the quality of human interactions.


The average educator is a settler; she only sees what she can describe. The pioneer invents words to describe what she sees. The clearest evidence of your increased perception is the expansion of your vocabulary. While perception camp is not for the faint of heart, the benefits are enormous.

Take Aways:

  • You will walk away knowing when you are hallucinating.  You will be broken from that knee-jerk reaction of jumping from reality to a conclusion or a judgment that is not evidence-based – you will constantly be asked, “Just say what you are seeing and hearing… Stay outside yourself.”
  • You will know when you can and cannot trust your instincts. Your interpretations of reality will be more accurate and useful.
  • You will be amazed at a simple formula that defines what is effective and ineffective communication.
  • You will reduce your surprises in life because you recognize patterns before they unfold… Because you are not surprised, you stay resourceful. This allows you to proactively predict what is likely to happen. Simply, you make better decisions.
  • Know ahead of time what is likely to happen in a group setting.
  • Get instant feedback and coaching from world expert Michael Grinder.
  • Develop the refinements of timing and permission that are critical to taking your work in non-verbal communication to the expert level.
  • Bond, learn from, and network closely with the other like-minded attendees.

Format of the Camp

You will learn to identify what you see into five categories, each with a different purpose/outcome:

  1. ENVoY – how to preserve relationships while managing.
  2. A Healthy Classroom – how to utilize relationships amongst students
  3. A Cat in the Doghouse – how to establish relationships with hard-to-reach students.
  4. Learning styles – identifying and responding to how students process information.
  5. Coaching – the various subtleties of observing and giving teachers feedback.


To obtain the maximum benefit, we recommend that you consider viewing the following survey three times:

  1. First survey – Take this survey to see which questions you can answer.
  2. Second survey– Now study the second survey.
  3. Third survey – Take the survey again and see which questions you improved on.


A unique feature of this program is that participants bring a 2-3 minute clip of an educational scenario that they want to understand better. The quality of the clip (video and sound) will make a huge difference in the learning. Have a device you can study the footage on.

This clip can be from a real classroom, TV, movie, or YouTube. Many of you will be attending in teams from the same school, so brainstorm who is bringing what so that, as a group, you cover all the areas you are interested in.


You will receive a booklet that guides you in how to study the footage. In teams of 2-4 people (3 is the best number and 5 is acceptable), study the footage following the booklet guidelines. When the team is ready, sign up to show the footage to the whole group. The group sees the footage 3 times:

1st time: The study group indicates which of the five categories they are focusing on. The large group looks at the footage.

2nd time: The team that studied the footage shows the footage, pausing it and offering their insights.

3rd time: Michael stops and starts the footage, pausing to make comments.

Course Details:

June 18–22nd, 2018


TBD – MPLS metro area location

$850 per person
Registration to out of state participants is now OPEN.

Maximum 45

“Perception Camp spans between what is immediately applicable and a 5-year plan to move beyond the science of teaching into becoming artistic interpreters of classroom dynamics. Michael is a dynamic and charismatic presenter, remarkable in both his depth and breadth of knowledge.”*

–Katina Zambrano
Osseo District

*To see more testimonials, click here.

iStock_000003374314LargeIf you are a teacher, educational consultant, classroom management coach, or an administrator, the advanced learning that you will get from this camp will take you to your next level of professional development.  Imagine being far more perceptive about individuals and group effectiveness then using this knowledge to assist people to make better decisions.

For a quick look (3 minutes) at the benefits & values of Perception Camp:

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