Models: Professional Development

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It has been a privilege to train and mentor thousands of people. “Model of Professional Development” is a four-stage template (model) I use to “know where someone is” in their professional development and where to focus next. The stages are: Content Process Perception Receptivity Everyone starts at the Content. This is the level where one learns the information, data, policy, …

Classroom Strategies Foundation

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What Classroom Strategies Foundation does Professional development of educators in these areas: Manage classroom behavior Handle group dynamics Establish relationships with the at-risk student Our goal is to develop local leadership so that after three years the district can sustain programs independently. What St. Landry Parish would do to have a full program in classroom management: Train teachers who volunteer …

ENVoY – Research on Nonverbal Classroom Management

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By Jenny Edwards, Ph.D. From 1994 to 1997, a longitudinal study was conducted on the effects of Cognitive CoachingSM (Costa & Garmston, 1994; 2002), Nonverbal Classroom Management (NVCM), also known as ENVoY (Grinder, 1993), and monthly dialogue groups on teacher implementation of Standards-Based Education, teacher efficacy, school culture, teacher conceptual development, teacher empowerment, and other areas. Click Here to read …

Owatonna Junior High School ENVoY Research

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Compiled by William A. Sommers, PhD. Principal (former) During the 1999-2000 school year, Owatonna Junior High School created a focus on managing unresolved conflict in our school. Owatonna is a town of approximately 15,000 one hour south of the twin cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul in Minnesota. This goal was not the result of any crises or major difficulties …

A summary of Results from the TIMSS-R Video Study

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by Dr. Kendall Zoller. Michael has been honored by having several people receive their Ph.D. by doing research on his work on non-verbal communication. Doctor Kendall Zoller is one of those people. The following is an abstract of the work that he did, which he converted into a book. ABSTRACT This paper identifies and defines the nonverbal communication patterns of …

Selective Mutism – A Strategy

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by Jean Pope, 2005 The following is research done for a masters degree. Jean Pope, a graduate of Michael Grinder’s programs, reports on her work with a student who displayed traits of selective mutism. Click here to read the entire article.  

Windsor Unified School District’s ENVoY Research

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“82% of all communication is non-verbal communication*.” —National Teacher’s Association As applied research demonstrates, the systematic use of non-verbal messages is the single most important skill any professional utilizes. By employing the full range of the non-verbal skills taught in ENVoY, we can manage with influence as opposed to power in any setting. Windsor Unified School District’s ENVoY (Educational Non-verbal …

Keep an Eye on the Hand

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by Kendall Zoller, PHD “You are presenting to a group, running a meeting, or facilitating a discussion and you need to get the group’s attention to move to a next step. Do you say, ‘Listen up!’ or ‘Eyes up here!’ or ‘May I have your attention please?’ Overt management statements work often, but not all the time, and can even …

Classroom Management That Works: Research-Based Strategies for Every Teacher

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By Dr. Marzano “Today, we know more about teaching than we ever have before. Research has shown us that teachers’ actions in their classroom have twice the impact on student achievement as do school policies regarding curriculum, assessment, staff collegiality, and community involvement. We also know that one of the classroom teacher’s most important jobs is managing the classroom effectively. …