Stories Out Loud – “Silence Speaks”

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Our friend Peter Dhu over at Corporate Communication Experts shares his journey from being an elective mute to coaching others on communication and public speaking. Be inspired. I know we were. “For much of his life, Peter chose to be silent. It could take him one minute to say one word. Peter developed a deep fear of speaking. This story …

Corporate Communication Experts— Difficult Conversations (2016) Video

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We do not live in Camelot so we need to be skilled in handling difficult conversations. Peter and Violet Dhu in Australia are experts in this area. This video explains the non-verbals involved in having effective conversations about difficult topics and difficult people. For more information about what the Corporate Communication Experts do visit their site at

Educational Perception Camp – Survey 2

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Trilogy Survey (with answers in blue):   Use the following terms–relationship, establish, utilize, preserve–to describe the differences between these three overlapping programs: ENVoY, A Healthy Classroom, A Cat in the Doghouse. Management techniques only work when there is a relationship between the teacher and the student. A Cat in the Doghouse helps us establish a relationship with the hard-to-reach students. …