Are you always chasing your partner?

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Wouldn’t you like it if they chased you sometimes? One of the central themes of the Couples Workshop by Michael Grinder is the concept of balancing the relationship. A way to understand how you and your partner interact with each other is to transfer your knowledge of household pets to your relationship. A dog comes when it is called, a …

Circles of Humanness for Couples

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A central theme of the Couples program is Circles of Humanness. There are many layers to a human being. The layers could be described as “Circles of Humanness.” Each inner circle supersedes the importance of the outside circle. Initially, we notice our partner’s appearance. Very quickly we become aware of their behaviors. Over time we encounter their physical, emotional and …

Is Your Style Stopping Communication?!

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A dog comes when it is called, a cat tends to respond only if accompanied with the sound of a kitchen can opener. (part of the Couples’ Program) by Michael Grinder An easy way to understand how you and your partner interact with each other is to transfer your knowledge of household pets to your marriage. A dog comes when it is called, …

Article on Cats, Dogs, and Charisma

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What is charisma? | Cats and Dogs | Soft on People, Hard on Issues Synopsis: Edwina Biuscchi, a Senior Performance Coach with the global executive coaching firm Inside Out®, uses this article to explore what makes a charismatic leader, the ways that you can attain more charisma for yourself, and compares the style of three senior members in an executive meeting. Developing …

I was wrong: It is OK to Scream!

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The quality of the daily friendship determines the success of the couple handling conflict (part of the Couples’ Program) by Michael Grinder Perhaps because I naturally avoid conflict, I always sought conflict resolution techniques. Especially in my marriage. Then I read, studied and attended Dr. John Gottman’s book and program, Seven Principles to Making Marriage Work. Gottman, as leading researcher on marital …

Give your relationship love this Valentine’s Day!

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Want to dazzle your significant other for Valentine’s this year? Venture into the scenic Oregon Gorge and gift your relationship a fun, casual weekend exploring how to Love, Honor & Negotiate. Isn’t that what Valentine’s is all about anyway – celebrating your relationship with one another? Couples workshop is a a non-therapeutic, relaxing weekend with Michael Grinder, trainer and internationally known communications expert. …

5 Tips for a Successful Parent Conference – FREE Download

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From How-to BE CONFIDENT with Parent Teacher Conferences: Free PDF Download: “Basics” Cheat Sheet from the eBook Hostile Parent Conference: Avoiding a Cat Fight Teachers, you can download, for free, the “Summary” of the “Basics” from the eBook “Hostile Parent Conference: Avoiding a Cat Fight” by Michael Grinder & Mary Yenik.  Whether you decide to buy the eBook (it’s only $1.95) …

Stories Out Loud – “Silence Speaks”

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Our friend Peter Dhu over at Corporate Communication Experts shares his journey from being an elective mute to coaching others on communication and public speaking. Be inspired. I know we were. “For much of his life, Peter chose to be silent. It could take him one minute to say one word. Peter developed a deep fear of speaking. This story …

Corporate Communication Experts— Difficult Conversations (2016) Video

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We do not live in Camelot so we need to be skilled in handling difficult conversations. Peter and Violet Dhu in Australia are experts in this area. This video explains the non-verbals involved in having effective conversations about difficult topics and difficult people. For more information about what the Corporate Communication Experts do visit their site at

Leaders and Outliers

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The insight about a leader’s reputation starts with understanding how people are different. We are all familiar with “life is not fair.” This blog explains how a leader’s unfair reputation as a manager is unfair. Unfair in that how the leader manages most people has nothing to do with the leader’s reputation. An individual has many layers or circles. These …