A Cat in the Doghouse – Establishing Relationships

Course Objectives:

Materials: The manual for this course is A Cat in the Doghouse by Michael Grinder Brandman University Practicum credit available.  See instructor.
Prerequisite and audience: No previous experience is necessary. While the program is open to anyone, it is intended for teachers who work with adolescents, kinesthetic-oriented students, at-risk pupils and talented/gifted learners. Call MGA 360-687-3238 to arrange your own workshop or click here to see our next events.

This course will give you a basic understanding of behavioral styles from high accommodators (i.e., dogs) to low accommodators (i.e., cats). Anyone who has ever owned a cat and a dog instinctively knows the differences between their personalities.

In Charisma: A Cat in the Doghouse, this animal analogy is applied to people so we understand why “cats”  (low accommodators) are so difficult to work with – and yet their loyalty, once gained, is often greater than a dog’s loyalty would be. This program centers on how a leader forms relationships to operate with influence instead of power.

This program provides specific strategies for:

  • Reflecting on your own cat and dog tendencies
  • Recognizing cat and dog-ness in others
  • Increasing one’s flexibility to be genuine with dogs and intrigue the cats.
  • Managing classroom’s more effectively
  • Increasing one’s tolerance of the independent nature of the cat
  • Utilizing the team spirit of the dog.