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Why is non-verbal communication IMPORTANT?

When we are talking about non-verbal communication, we are really talking about communication in general. Why? Because the non-verbals in our communications account for 80-90% of what we are communicating.

What are YOU non-verbally communicating in your business & personal relationships?  Did you know we are always communicating something non-verbally?

Improve your non-verbal communication knowledge & skill and you’ll improve the quality of your communications as a whole, thus improving the quality of your business & personal relationships.
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Whether your area of study is LeadershipEducational or Personal Development, we’ll guide you through your learning experience to refine your non-verbal communication skills.

Meet Michael Grinder, the Non-Verbal Communication Expert

“I have attended numerous training and development programs during my 23 year career, and Michael Grinder’s Group Mastery program is without doubt the one which has had the biggest positive impact. Michael’s exceptional teaching enabled me to learn highly practical approaches to understand and influence how groups (from a group of just 2 people through to auditoriums of 200 or 300) interact and are effective and ineffective. My presentations improved enormously through use of the non-verbal techniques covered on the course. The weekly worksheets and video exercises were invaluable in ensuring that the learning was embedded. This was a life-changing program – thank you Michael and team!”Nigel Bretton, UK Bank CFO