Leadership Style Quiz

The following is a leadership style quiz that is adapted from our Charisma – The Art of Relationships (Cat and Dog) program. It is developed by Arielle Essex in London.  If you live in the UK, watch her web site for trainings she does — she is good!

This quiz aims to help identify the styles you use most or least. Listed below are some statements about different behaviours. Indicate how much these describe you or are true for you, by scoring them from 0 – 4 in the space beside each statement. There are no right or wrong answers.

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The numbers 0 – 4 represent the following ratings:

0 = never true for me

1 = hardly ever true for me

2 = sometimes true for me

3 = fairly often true for me

4 = frequently if not always true

1. _____ My focus is on productivity, achieving goals and targets.
2. _____ Taking care of my people takes priority over tasks at hand.
3. _____ I’m comfortable with power and I seek higher positions.
4. _____ I expect to be promoted on the merit of my work and reputation.
5. _____ I like change, anything new and different, lots of options, choices.
6. _____ I’m more comfortable following tried and trusted procedures.
7. _____ I like a good challenge and enjoy working by myself, independently.
8. _____ I’m a great team player and enjoy the comfort of working in a group.
9. _____ I love to make decisions, take risks and act from gut instinct.
10. ____ I like to seek everyone’s views and gather information before deciding.
11. ____ Inventing new solutions and dreaming up new strategies excites me.
12. ____ I love nothing better than problem solving.
13. ____ Competition motivates me and brings out my best qualities.
14. ____ I never feel qualified enough, despite years of study and experience.
15. ____ I don’t like rules, punishment, or being managed.
16. ____ I prefer set procedures, routines, and satisfying clear requirements.
17. ____ I need to be in control and prefer to have my own project or area.
18. ____ I love camaraderie, everyone getting along and working together.
19. ____ It’s not what you know, it’s who you know that counts.
20. ____ Friendly relationships and loyal camaraderie are what I value and trust.


Add up all your scores for all ODD number statements Total: __________
Add up all your scores for all EVEN number statements Total:__________
If your scores for the ODD numbered statements greatly outweigh your scores for EVEN numbered statements, this indicates your current style is probably high in credibility, leadership, strategic networking, innovative thinking, and achieving targets.

If your scores for the EVEN numbered statements greatly outweigh your scores for the ODD numbered statements, this indicates that your current style is probably high in approachability, people skills, information gathering and problem solving.

If your scores for ODD & EVEN numbered statements were quite close, your balance of credibility and approachability means you probably have valuable talent for being a liaison or mediator, as well as radiating qualities of charismatic leadership.