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From Cat Herding to Facilitative Leadership: TBA
Couples Workshop: February 9-11, 2018
Educational Perception Camp: June 18-22, 2018
Group Wizardry: June 25-29, 2018
Perception Camp: TBA
From Cat Herding to Facilitative Leadership: TBA

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Business and Corporate Classes & Trainings

Workshops and seminars open to all interested in developing and strengthing their communication skills.

Charisma — The Art of Relationships, an analogy of cats and dog

Why do some people seem to attract attention, to have charisma when they walk into a room? What if you too, could tap into your persuasive communicator and strengthen interpersonal relationships? We all have moments when we influence others… Course objectives — This course will give you concrete ways to use non-verbal techniques and group dynamics to benefit everybody you interact with — especially yourself! Prerequisite and audience —No previous experience is necessary. Available for practicum credit.

Group Wizardry

A five-day interactive workshop on group communication techniques. Five days of learning and practicing the latest innovations with Group Dynamics, Presentation Skills, and Behavioral Coaching. Taught by Michael Grinder, the world’s foremost expert in the area of non-verbal communication. The last day includes an opportunity to get personal coaching on DVD from Michael Grinder. Prerequisite and audience—No previous experience is necessary.

Group Dynamics Certification

The New Science of Presenting to a Group This is an intensive and comprehensive training. Each session includes interactive work that will build the skills indispensable to any kind of group work: successful meetings, training sessions, presentations, and facilitation. Over the duration of the training, you will be completing weekly competencies and documenting your skills with video coverage. Prerequisite and audience—No previous experience is necessary. Even if you are a seasoned presenter, this is new material

Charismatic Leadership Certification

Transform yourself into THE leader others want to follow Some people can just walk in a room and they exude charisma.  Successful, charismatic leaders have a deep understanding of the individual, and group behaviors of both leaders and followers. To enable you to gain that understanding and succeed as a charismatic leader, Michael Grinder and Associates’ Effective Charismatic Leadership Program provides you with an in-depth understanding of both leaders and followers while preparing you to apply what you learn to both your personal and professional worlds.

How Not to Get Shot! – The Culture of Influence

One of Michael Grinder and Associates most popular seminars and keynote addresses. Sometimes as messengers, how do we convey factual information that is often interpreted as negative by the others without becoming associated in their minds with their reactions to the message? Our goals is to preserve the relationship while delivering the news. Eight components make up this exciting seminar. Prerequisite and audience—No previous experience is necessary.

Corporate Coaching

Do you need a little help to steer your corporate culture, motivate your employees and in general create a stronger, more creative workplace? Our professional coaches train you and your management personnel to do accurate peer observation and give high-quality specific feedback.

Educators and Education Classes and Trainings

ENVoY® workshops and seminars for school districts, individual schools and teachers

ENVoY®: Preserving relationships while gaining compliance in the classroom

The non-verbal communication skills offered in this training will positively influence the teacher-student relationship. Course Objective—Teachers who systematically utilize the full range of non-verbal management skills are able to reinforce consistent and fair parameters while preserving their relationships with each student, regardless of unique learning styles or cultural backgrounds. Prerequisite and audience—No previous experience is necessary. While the program is open to anyone, it is intended for educators. Available for practicum credit.

A Cat in the Doghouse: Charisma—Establishing and understanding classroom relationships

Develop your classroom charisma. Learn to form relationships based on influence instead of power. Course Objectives—This course will give you a basic understanding of behavioral styles from high accommodators (i.e., dogs) to low accommodators (i.e., cats). Anyone who has ever owned a cat and a dog instinctively knows the differences between their personalities. Prerequisite and audience—No previous experience is necessary. While the program is open to anyone, it is intended for teachers who work with adolescents, kinesthetic-oriented students, at-risk pupils and talented/gifted learners. Available for practicum credit.

A Healthy Classroom—Group dynamics in the classroom

Learn the techniques and gain insight into what it takes to make a healthy classroom — a course that combines theory with implementation of the science of classroom management. A Healthy Classroom is designed to help understand the hardest management situations the teacher faces — when the teacher has to grapple with both the individual and the class at the same time. A Healthy Classroom tackles classroom group dynamic situations with insight and practical axioms.

How Not To Get Shot Program for Administrators

One of Michael Grinder and Associates most popular seminars and keynote addresses. As administrators,  we have to convey factual information that is often interpreted as negative by the others. How Not To Get Shot for Administrators goal is to preserve relationships while delivering the news. Eight components make up this exciting seminar. Prerequisite and audience — No previous experience is necessary.

Train the Trainer

Research shows that the training room isn’t where habits are solidified. To provide quality in-school trainers to keep the ENVoY® skills sharp. Our train-the-trainer program functions on an accelerated-learning model. Eight to twelve ENVoY® graduates are trained. They take turns presenting skills to up to 40 participants for a two-day program. These same trainers immediately present a second two-day program to a new set of up to 40 participants. Prerequisite and audience—ENVoY® program graduate.

Other Classes and Trainings

Perception Camp

Perception Camp is different than anything you’ve ever been to, including Michael’s other trainings.  Michael pulls back the curtain and shows you the simple step-by-step Process Of Perception, sitting side-by-side with you, coaching you on EXACTLY how to turn all your communication skills, group dynamics and non-verbal knowledge into MAGIC!

See Me Training – Profiling an Individual

The core need of humans is to be SEEN by others. Many of us have witnessed Michael profiling an individual’s values & beliefs. In this concentrated weekend program, he shares how his mind perceives… so you can learn and apply these skills.

To Love… To Honor… To negotiate… A couples workshop

Enjoy a non-therapeutic, fun-filled weekend with Michael Grinder – trainer and internationally known communications expert — as he brings his innovative, solution-driven group dynamics work into the group that matters most, your personal relationship. If you would like to arrange this class for your group, please contact MGA at 360-687-3238.

Spiritual Facilitation

Although I was in the seminary for only two years, I have spent a lifetime of enjoying giving to others. Every year, I offer a one-to-three-hour complimentary seminar on Spiritual Facilitation for 25 or more ministers who counsel individuals as part of their ministry. Ministers will learn a simple process for helping people grow spiritually without inadvertently increasing their guilt. The process includes a gentle, effective format that they can use to help people deal successfully with similar troublesome situations in the future.