Stories Out Loud – “Silence Speaks”

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Our friend Peter Dhu over at Corporate Communication Experts shares his journey from being an elective mute to coaching others on communication and public speaking. Be inspired. I know we were. “For much of his life, Peter chose to be silent. It could take him one minute to say one word. Peter developed a deep fear of speaking. This story …

Corporate Communication Experts— Difficult Conversations (2016) Video

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We do not live in Camelot so we need to be skilled in handling difficult conversations. Peter and Violet Dhu in Australia are experts in this area. This video explains the non-verbals involved in having effective conversations about difficult topics and difficult people. For more information about what the Corporate Communication Experts do visit their site at

Leaders and Outliers

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The insight about a leader’s reputation starts with understanding how people are different. We are all familiar with “life is not fair.” This blog explains how a leader’s unfair reputation as a manager is unfair. Unfair in that how the leader manages most people has nothing to do with the leader’s reputation. An individual has many layers or circles. These …

Michael Grinder: “To understand Russian, I need six visits to Russia!”

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A short interview of Michael Grinder by Irma Kaplan In preparation for Michael Grinder’s upcoming training in Moscow, Russia (see here for more information), Sergey Igoshin’s informational partner Irma Kaplan asked Michael a few questions.  See his answers below! Irma: Michael, are the ideas of Robert Dilts’ Sleight of Mouth left in the past for you?  Or do your methods complete the ones that Dilts offers? …

Inclusion NOT Awareness – World Autism Inclusion Day

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Sign the Inclusion NOT Awareness Petition!   Words from Randa Habelrih–speaker, author, and advocate for people dealing with autism: “I’m the mother of a child with autism and I’ve created a petition via to change World Autism Awareness Day to World Autism Inclusion Day. I would love it if you could sign and share this petition. Words as you very well know are powerful, …

The Effectiveness of Non-verbal skills on Students

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Can we motivate students through non-verbal communication? Master of Arts thesis extract by Dirk Lagerwaard (Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, Spain) In this extract, Dirk details the results that were found when Michael’s non-verbal skills were applied by teachers in secondary schools.  The student’s level of engagement and motivation were evaluated against the non-verbal language used by the teachers. Eight skills were observed: Pause, Frozen Hand …

VIDEO: Michael Grinder & Associates Promo

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In this Michael Grinder & Associates video we ask, “Can you imagine… Understanding human interaction on a far deeper level. To be proactive, instead of reactive. Well now you can!” Watch this video to be inspired by what Michael can do. Michael Grinder’s cutting edge trainings in Non Verbal Communication: Group Wizardry Imagine what you could learn in five days about …

VIDEO: How the Kinesthetic (ADD, Hyperactive, ADHD) Student Learns

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School is a private club for visual learners. Education needs to expand the membership in that club. Michael Grinder, who graduated from high school with a fourth grade reading level, demonstrates how to expand that membership to include kinesthetic learners. For more information on how to reach kinesthetic (ADD, Hyperactive, ADHD) learners, check out: Righting the Educational Conveyor Belt (Book, eBook) …

VIDEO: Parent Attacking Educational Administrator

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The “Parent Attacking Educational Administrator” video clip is from MGA’s DVD, “Making Difficult Conversations Easy” Filmed in Toronto, 2014. The most complex situations demand the most sophisticated techniques. Michael demonstrates how to influence an irate adult’s breathing. Making Difficult Conversations Easy – DVD This two-disc DVD set filmed live in Toronto, Canada, is specifically created for educational administrators, principals and superintendents …

VIDEO: ENVoY Classroom Management Research

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Anoka-Hennepin is the largest school district in Minnesota, this is a report on the dramatic effects of ENVoY. The referrals to the office decrease, the test scores increase, and the well-being of the student, staff, and community is raised. Jacki Brickman is the mentor coach and trainer. What is the ENVoY Classroom Management program? Power to Influence ENVoY is a vehicle …

Eye and Hand Co-ordination: More Than Child’s Play

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By Toy Odiakosa — A child’s lessons in eye and hand co-ordination (“EHC”) may be a cute developmental activity, but are there applications in business?  I recently asked myself—where are my eyes during my favorite game of golf, tennis, skiing.  If, like many people, your eyes look where the player is looking then the below could be interesting. This …

Conquer That Ugly Word: Procrastination

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Guest Blogger: Sharon Sayler of It is already midway throught the first month of 2008. I can hardly believe it!. Has that ugly word, procrastination found it’s way into your new year’s plans yet?  If you find it has, it is not too late to get started. Here are some tips to conquer procrastination. Before you begin accept three …

Seasons of the Classroom: A Teacher’s Perspective

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Why are the two weeks before Christmas so difficult? By Rachel Babbs  I was talking with a teacher friend the other day, and, as is typical of most educators at the holiday time of the year, we started grousing about the usual seasonal difficulties we experience during the pre-holiday season. One of our key frustrations is regarding the class responses …

Study shows the value of ENVoY

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Effectiveness of ENVoY Classroom management model sponsored by Knowledge Arts Foundation Results of University of Houston study, 2006-2007* OVERVIEW Does it work?  Yes.  In a study conducted by Dr. Robert Houston at the University of Houston Institute for Urban Education, ENVoY is shown to be effective in improving classroom environment for students.  Data from seven local schools were collected before, …

Models: Professional Development

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It has been a privilege to train and mentor thousands of people. “Model of Professional Development” is a four-stage template (model) I use to “know where someone is” in their professional development and where to focus next. The stages are: Content Process Perception Receptivity Everyone starts at the Content. This is the level where one learns the information, data, policy, …

Classroom Strategies Foundation

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What Classroom Strategies Foundation does:    Professional development of educators in these areas: 1.     Manage classroom behavior 2.     Handle group dynamics 3.     Establish relationships with the at-risk student Our goal is to develop local leadership so that after three years the district can sustain programs independently.

Developing Charisma (Lessons from the World of Cats and Dogs)

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Developing Charisma (Lessons from the World of Cats and Dogs) by Edwina Biucchi, Senior Coach, Inside Out® WHAT IS CHARISMA? Originating from the Greek ‘kharis’ meaning ‘divine favour’ or ‘gift’, most sources agree that charisma refers to a quality of those who have uncanny ability to charm or influence people. The Wikipedia definition describes a charismatic person as someone who …

Educational Perception Camp – Survey 2

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Trilogy Survey (with answers in blue):   Use the following terms–relationship, establish, utilize, preserve–to describe the differences between these three overlapping programs: ENVoY, A Healthy Classroom, A Cat in the Doghouse. Management techniques only work when there is a relationship between the teacher and the student. A Cat in the Doghouse helps us establish a relationship with the hard-to-reach students. …

EVENT: From Cat Herding to Facilitative Leadership with Steve Zuieback and Michael Grinder

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Micro Skills & Advanced Group Dynamics Leaders with the most distinctions and the most flexibility have the most ability to positively influence others and achieve better results – The qualities of an effective leader are many. In this two-day program you will walk away with the maps of excellence that leaders use in answering and addressing the question, “When should …