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The true story of Michael Grinder, a hyperactive child, who graduated from high school with a 4th grade reading level and went on to earn a Masters degree, become runner-up for Washington’s Teacher of the Year, and author of 13 books.


 Watch this video in German.

Six Wrong Ways to Make a Right First Impression

Michael is famous for his "Presentation Skills." He was the keynoter at the 2011 Australian National Speakers Association conference. Here is his humorous ad for his Florida, July, 2010 American National Speakers Association presentation. In three minutes he summarizes what not to do and what to do. ENJoY and pass it on to others.

Click here for the German link of this video.

Links to more German videos.

Download the Paper on "Six Wrong Ways to Make a Right First Impression"

Effective Coaching by Michael Grinder

Sam Cawthorn was one of 25 National Speaker Association Australia participants who attended a 5-day program in 2010. Sam was awarded the 2009 Young Speaker of the Year. This footage illustrates Michael Grinder’s ability to coach accomplished speakers on their non-verbals. The difference between high quality and outstanding quality is evident.